About Us:

BANDit was invented with the ambition to create a modern and comfortable alternative for women who lead active lives while staying on trend for style and fashion.

Welcome to the BANDit Family! We are a small business that started with this simple question: Why aren't all heads created equal? Heads come in many different shapes and sizes, and there is no other product on the market that provides luxury hair that will fit comfortably, effortlessly and so naturally under any hat, scarf or cap. No matter your head or hat size! Every BANDit wig is inspected and approved to ensure you are receiving the highest quality double-drawn hair. The BANDit has specialized darts that provide a perfect tailored shape for all heads, making it feel as if it was your own!

Your BANDit also comes with two BANDit Barrettes to arrange your own hair underneath and keep your look sleek and sophisticated. You will also receive a BANDit travel case with a wooden hanger for secure storage and transport of your BANDit

We know that you are going to love your BANDit. It has proven to be the most comfortable and highest quality on the market. As we like to say: "We are the original, and the best!".